Wreckreation is home to your own MixWorld, a great 400-square-kilometer racing realm you can create, mold and shatter. Developed by Three Fields Entertainment, a team made up of the creators of the Burnout and Need for Speed series, Wreck has been designed to be the ultimate open-world sandbox experience for driving and racing fans. A complete world designed by you or along with your friends online. At Wreckreation you can continually strive to overcome others, be faster or even clash with yourself and the rest of the world in circuits and tracks designed by you or your friends. But yours will probably be better, in any case.

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1.Mix of bookmarks: sets records in seven different ways when you drive in each street of your MixWorld: Derrape, Air, Almost Defeat, Acrobacy, Shock, and the most traditional, Time.

2.Mix of worlds: a huge, open world that is yours to discover and design. It places jumps, loops, tube media, obstacles and more in almost anywhere in your MixWorld. Not the sky is the limit!

3.Mix of vehicles: paint, finishes, tires, sounds of the engine, color of the crystals, tires, manual or with lever: customize what you want. Everything will be available from the beginning.

4.Mix everything: in MixWorld you can be a god! Control time, time and traffic! Find spaces and build structures that impact your world beyond its foundations. Power is yours.

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